Speedplug Plasterboard Fixing. Zinc

Speed plug cavity wall anchor (zinc alloy)
A specially designed zinc alloy fixing for plasterboard.
Finish: Zinc.

Features & benefits
Our most popular self-drill plasterboard fixing due to ease of installation.
Specially designed cutting tip to pierce plasterboard skin.
Screw and fixture can be removed for cleaning and decoration.
Ideal when re-fixing into existing plug or anchor holes.
Alternative screws can be used if required, for different fixtures.
Countersink feature on metal speed plug allows flush fitting to plasterboard.
Speed plug kit comes complete with 200 fixings, screws and free screwdriver.
New design flange on the screw head acts as a fixed washer distributing the load

Supplied with pozidriv wafer head 4.0x35mm round head screws
Boxed in 100’s

Suitable for use in most types hollow walls and plasterboard.
Popular for fixing brackets, handrails and shelving.

Price£18.31 (inc VAT) per Hund
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