CT1 C-Tec Power Grab N Bond Construction Adhesive

Power Grab n Bond is a revolutionary product in the field of heavy duty versatile bonding.

Its formulation is based on a unique hybrid polymer product CT1. The density of Power Grab n Bond is far greater allowing phenomenal results in initial grab. Coupled with the rapid curing will,in the majority of applications, reduce labour time by at least 50%.

With Power Grab n Bond there is absolutely no need for any additional fixings as it was initially developed for facade bonding.

In addition, Power Grab n Bond has a capacity to adhere to endless materials such as stone, granite, ytong, marble, concrete, all metals (including alloys), polystyrene and most plastics. Power Grab n Bond’s ability to bond combined materials such as wood to concrete or stainless steel to stone is incredible.

As already outlined, Power Grab n Bond was initially developed for facade applications, conventional methods relied on two component epoxy mix to adhere the marble or granite slab to the block wall. Depending on the weight of the slab each one would then have to be supported by drilling in ties to support each one. As with all epoxies they can be temperamental if the correct mix is not achieved. Also full cure can be between 24 and 72 hours. Power Grab and Bond has none of these disadvantages.

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