Rhodius XTK8 115x0.8x22 Extra Thin Depressed Centre Disc

Short Description:

The XT8 EXACT demonstrates and convinces through outstandingly smooth running, resulting in optimum handling. It's exceptional precise, clean and almost burr-free cut reduces reworking to almost zero. Even extremely hard materials such as spring steels, stainless steel sheets, etc. are easily cut by the 0.8 mm thin disc. Much harder and stronger than conventional cutting discs, its narrow cut also means that hardly any contact pressure is needed, making for noticeably easier work.



Rust– and acid–proofed steels
High tensile metal sheets
Varnished metal sheets
High–alloyed steels
High tensile steels
Plastic laminated metal sheets


Freehand angle grinder
Straight grinder


Precise cut
Minimum development of burrs
Few sparks
Very high cutting speed
Long lifetime
Very cool cut
High side stability
Low odour


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