115 x 1.9 x 22 Cutting and Grinding discs (xtk35)

XTK35 115x1.9x22.23 Cutting & Grinding

The XT35 CROSS for the first time allows the combination of cutting and grinding work in one operation - and is only 1.9 mm thick! Because its 3 full-surface fabric layers ensure a strong reinforcement and extremely high side stability. By simply changing the angle of application, grinding work such as burr removing, chamfering and dressing can be carried out directly after cutting without changing the machine or disc.


Rust– and acid–proofed steels
Hardened steels, high–alloyed steels
Tool steels
Structural steels
High tensile metal sheets
Varnished metal sheets
Galvanized parts


Free-hand angle grinder


Combined working
Low development of burrs
Fewer sparks
High cutting speed
Very long lifetime
High stock removal
Short cutting times
Comfortable cutting behaviour

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