Grip It Assorted Kit

Grip It Fixings - Starter Packs

If your not sure what you want to use them for yet or what size to get? get the Grip It Fixings assorted kit. With all the items listed below you can pick and choose what you want and need them for.

  • 10 x Yellow Fixings (4 x 25mm screw, 13mm hole)
  • 10 x Red Fixings (5 x 30mm screw, 16mm hole)
  • 10 x Brown Fixings (M6 x 20mm bolt, 20mm hole)
  • 10 x Blue Fixings (M8 x 20mm bolt, 25mm hole)
  • 1 x Each drill bit to suit (13, 16, 20 & 25mm)
  • 2 x Depth gauges
Price£25.07 (inc VAT) per Pack
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