Perry Premium Range Multi-Purpose Anti-Bacterial Wipes - Tub of 100 Wipes

Perry Premium Range Wipes are designed with the user in mind.
You can safely wipe your hands clean with a dermatologically tested formula that contains a unique formula that kills 99.6% of bacteria.
Although primarily designed for hand use, you can use these wipes to clean surfaces too.

Safely wipe away:
- Oils and lubricants
- Grease and grime
- Caulk and grout
- Inks and dyes
- Wet paint and pen
- Adhesives and epoxies
- Tar and asphalt
- Silicone and sealant


Price£6.00 (inc VAT) per Tub
Availability61 In Stock
Product Type:Wipes
Tub Quantity:100
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