Excalibur offers first rate security features with longevity and reliability. No other window locking system can match Excalibur for value.
Excalibur is a multi point locking system that ensures each window is sealed against weather and unwanted visitors, supported by an insurance backed guarantee scheme.
Code Description Alt Code Price Quantity
VX338 Excalibur Gearbox - 25mm (No Claw) EXC0022NC
£4.55 (exc VAT) Each
VX320 Excalibur Extension Bar 306 - 442mm EXC300440
£0.92 (exc VAT) Each
VX321 Excalibur EXC370500 Extension Bar 370 - 500mm EXC370500
£1.08 (exc VAT) Each
VX322 Excalibur EXC430700 Extension Bar 436 - 696mm EXC430700
£1.24 (exc VAT) Each
VX323 Excalibur EXC490700 Extension Bar 496 - 698mm EXC490700
£1.24 (exc VAT) Each
VX331 Excalibur EXC690950 Extension Bar 690 - 950mm EXC690950
£1.75 (exc VAT) Each
VX332 Excalibur EXC9501210 Extension Bar 950 - 1210mm EXC9501210
£2.30 (exc VAT) Each
VX324 Excalibur EXC12101470 Extension Bar 1212 - 1476mm EXC12101470
£2.84 (exc VAT) Each
VX333 Excalibur Centre Strike Plate EXCSTRIKE
£2.05 (exc VAT) Each
VX334 Excalibur Shoot Strike End Plate EXESTRIKE
£0.68 (exc VAT) Each
VX335 RLCO325LT Stormproof Keep - Left Hand RLCO325LT
£0.81 (exc VAT) Each
VX336 RLCO325RT Stormproof Keep - Right Hand RLCO325RT
£0.81 (exc VAT) Each
VX337 RLCO425T Centre Keep Timber RLCO425T
£2.00 (exc VAT) Each