M8x50 Cup Square Hex Bolt & Nut - Zinc Plated

We offer a range of Cup Square Hex bolts, also known as carriage bolts or coach bolts, which are manufactured to DIN603 and DIN934 standards.
Cup Square Hex Carriage Bolts have a round head and a square neck that prevents the bolt from turning whilst the nut is tightened, and forms a self locking function.

- Complete with Hex Nuts
- All lengths up to and including 160mm are fully threaded
- Bright Zinc Plated
- Commonly used in timber applications for joining joists and other wood components.

We have a range of washers and other items that can be used inconjunction with this product.

Price£20.88 (inc VAT) per Hund
Availability346 In Stock
Size:M8 x 50
Product Type:Cup Square Hex Bolts
Finish:Zinc Plated
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