Mirka Hiolit XO Belt 75 X 533mm - P80

Hiolit XO is a semi-open stiff universal abrasive for belt sanding and other machine sanding where it has excellent edge wear resistance and durability.
In particular, it produces high quality results on challenging materials - for example, grits 36-80 are suitable for aggressive sanding, such as severe rust damage, as well as other sanding operations where large amounts of material need to be removed.

- Grain: Blue fired aluminium oxide.
- Backing: Polyester cloth P36-P80, X-weight cotton cloth P100-P240.
- Bonding: Resin over resin.
- Coating: Semi-open.

Suitable Materials:
Hard wood, MDF / HDF, mild steel / carbon steel, paint stripping / removal, soft / resinous wood, steel, veneer, cast iron, chipboard & composites.

Part No.MIRKABELT75533P80
Price£21.01 (inc VAT) per Ten
AvailabilityOut of Stock
Size:75 x 533mm
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