Mirka Abranet Ace 125mm Grip P80 Disc

Mirka Abranet ACE Discs - 150mm (50)



Mirka Abranet ACE Discs utilise the latest ceramic grain technology to give even longer life, faster sanding and unparalleled dust extraction performance.

The Mirka Abranet ACE Discs new superior ceramic grain gives a more aggressive and faster sand and the improved hook and loop backing not only gives better grip, but is tougher and stronger with improved edge wear resistance.

The best sanding disc on the market just got better!

Mirka Abranet ACE discs are suitable for sanding:

  • Wood and Filler
  • Solid surfaces and Composites
  • Plastic and Metal
  • Paint and Lacquer

Available in: 150mm Dia. Disc

Grits Available: P80, P120, P150, P180, P240, P320, P400, P500 & P800

Price£92.36 (inc VAT) per Hund
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